Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unexpectedly Good Day!

Hello reader(s):

Thought I'd give you an idea of my daily schedule - with a few nice surprises.

5:10 AM - Woke up, threw on my "comfy robe" and slippers (it was cold), and went to do a load of laundry. Someone, maybe Julianne, had already put my load in the dryer!

6:08 (on the dot) - Julianne and I were out the door to early morning classes with zero hitches. The traffic lights were with us. We were even a little early. Had a really nice visit with a fellow teacher.

6:35 - Started class. One of my best days! Kids were great; they participated well, and were nice to each other and to me:-)

7:30 - Headed off to my job at the High School. Found a parking spot right in front!!!! More friendly faces, and no big trauma. (Wish I could have said that about yesterday. Some days are really heartbreaking, and I just want to cry.) I even had some nice little chats with a few students.

11:30 - Got off work. As soon as I was in the car, Michael called to invite me to lunch over his break, and Andrea called to say she and little Hannah would be coming for a visit. I am so BLESSED and lucky to have kids who want to hang with their old ma.

1:15 - Hannah and Andrea arrive. All three of us love to talk: politics, family gossip, plants, etc. We talked about it all. Lucky that we all have a relationship which allows us to talk so freely to each other. At 3, Hannah hold her own, and keeps me entertained.

2:30 - Picked up John, who is on crutches and unable to drive due to a sports injury for which he will have surgery soon, at his school. He needed to get home for RICE, rest, ice, compression (not so much of that), and elevation time. I then headed back to pick up Julianne and her friend, who are working on matching t-shirts for school.

4:00 - Got home and found very pregnant Andrea dead asleep on the couch, and John almost out, too. I sent them both to bed while Hannah and I made Navajo Tacos for dinner. Kristin called to share a funny tale about her kids with me. Lets just say that we can't sing "Pants On The Ground" with them anymore.

5:30 - Dinner, then out shopping. Didn't buy a thing, but we had fun doAdd Imageing even more talking.

6:30 - Home again. Dane called from Office Candidate School to tell us that he's having a lot of fun and working hard. His Platoon smoked every other platoon on the obstacle course.

7:00 - Everyone went out for treats, leaving me home to prepare my lesson for tomorrow in peace. Rain kept me from riding my bike tonight, but I love it anyway.

9:00 - Going to bed. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Maybe I'll bug Lindsey, Mark and Jasmine tomorrow.

Good night