Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unexpectedly Good Day!

Hello reader(s):

Thought I'd give you an idea of my daily schedule - with a few nice surprises.

5:10 AM - Woke up, threw on my "comfy robe" and slippers (it was cold), and went to do a load of laundry. Someone, maybe Julianne, had already put my load in the dryer!

6:08 (on the dot) - Julianne and I were out the door to early morning classes with zero hitches. The traffic lights were with us. We were even a little early. Had a really nice visit with a fellow teacher.

6:35 - Started class. One of my best days! Kids were great; they participated well, and were nice to each other and to me:-)

7:30 - Headed off to my job at the High School. Found a parking spot right in front!!!! More friendly faces, and no big trauma. (Wish I could have said that about yesterday. Some days are really heartbreaking, and I just want to cry.) I even had some nice little chats with a few students.

11:30 - Got off work. As soon as I was in the car, Michael called to invite me to lunch over his break, and Andrea called to say she and little Hannah would be coming for a visit. I am so BLESSED and lucky to have kids who want to hang with their old ma.

1:15 - Hannah and Andrea arrive. All three of us love to talk: politics, family gossip, plants, etc. We talked about it all. Lucky that we all have a relationship which allows us to talk so freely to each other. At 3, Hannah hold her own, and keeps me entertained.

2:30 - Picked up John, who is on crutches and unable to drive due to a sports injury for which he will have surgery soon, at his school. He needed to get home for RICE, rest, ice, compression (not so much of that), and elevation time. I then headed back to pick up Julianne and her friend, who are working on matching t-shirts for school.

4:00 - Got home and found very pregnant Andrea dead asleep on the couch, and John almost out, too. I sent them both to bed while Hannah and I made Navajo Tacos for dinner. Kristin called to share a funny tale about her kids with me. Lets just say that we can't sing "Pants On The Ground" with them anymore.

5:30 - Dinner, then out shopping. Didn't buy a thing, but we had fun doAdd Imageing even more talking.

6:30 - Home again. Dane called from Office Candidate School to tell us that he's having a lot of fun and working hard. His Platoon smoked every other platoon on the obstacle course.

7:00 - Everyone went out for treats, leaving me home to prepare my lesson for tomorrow in peace. Rain kept me from riding my bike tonight, but I love it anyway.

9:00 - Going to bed. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Maybe I'll bug Lindsey, Mark and Jasmine tomorrow.

Good night


  1. Congratulations to Andrea for baby #2!!! Hannah is going to be a great older sister! You have a wonderful family!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day!! I hope I'm close to my kids when they're older. I didn't know Andrea was pregnant either. When is she due?? Little bugger, she hasn't even mentioned it!!
    Amy (Hyer)

  3. Andy is due around the first week in May. She's had a few problems with her pregnancy, so we didn't spead the news for a while. Looks like she's out of the woods, but she still may to have to go back on bedrest.

  4. I'm so excited she is having another baby. Does she know what she is having? I hope everything goes well with the rest of her pregnancy.