Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Projects

Like a crazy woman, I am working on two projects at one time. The socks: after knitting thick wool sock for almost every member of the family, I'm finally getting around to knitting myself a pair. I started out knitting them for Aunt June who needs warm sock for birdwatching (like she hasn't gotten herself a pair already!), found they're much too big for her tiny feet, and decided they're mine - mostly 'cause I'm too lazy to unravel them and start again and I have big feet. Actually, they're a gift for John as I hold the record for the Coldest Feet (and Hands) On Earth, something he reminds me of every night at bedtime.

I have this crazy fear of developing carpal tunnel, so I'm trying to vary my repetitive handwork by teaching myself how to crochet. After days of watching youtube tutorials on Granny Squares, I think I've finally got the basic idea. I began making squares using a whole bunch of crazy colors, but I think I like this better. My plan: to make one Granny Square a night until I have enough for ????

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