Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How We Spent Our Christmas Break

Thanks to our kids, we always seem to have really wonderful house guest over Christmas. This year Dane brought home his friend, Sergey, from The Ukraine. English is not Sergey's first language, but his last evening with us, he joined us for a really fun game of Balderdash. He may have been tired of my 999+ questions about The Ukraine as I've never met an actual Ukrainian.

Shopping, shopping, shopping in San Francisco. This is Neiman Marcus in SF, a little out of our price range; we just wanted to see how the other half lives. Loved their five-story Christmas tree.

After shopping, the beach. Look very carefully at the dot in the center of the blue.
It is a kite with a crazy guy in a wet suit on a boogie board attached to it. What nut case thought of that - I've got to try it!
Having spent ALL our cash, Lindsey and I went in search of a cash machine for the toll bridge. My mind set: let's look for a Whole Foods Market. They'll have a machine and good food for the ride home. Yeah...The Mission District. For some reason, Lindsey refused jump out and get money while I circle the block in the car. Might have been the 39 hobos (gross exaggeration, Candy) we saw out front. I was forced to parallel park - first time, I got it, so I had to take a picture. That's Lindsey swearing she'll never go to the Big City with me again as I make her pose for the shot.

My two sweeties, Lindsey and Julianne.

After New Years, we got the sad news that John's mom's health is failing, so we took Lindsey back to college and spent a few extra days visiting Dorothy. Even though she is now in bed with oxygen most of the day, she still insisted that she be allowed to put on lip stick and fix her hair for the camera. It's great to see her looking good the way she always has despite being so ill.
Ugh! The trip back to California - 700 miles of snowy mountains and frozen desert.

All the following shots were made from a car traveling 85 mile an hour. John refused to stop for me to take pictures:-)
Famous Pilot Peak in Nevada
Aftermath of a bad storm in the Sierras
Finally, The Valley - covered with fog!

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