Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Have We Been Doing (in the past 2 1/2 years)?

For my 5 subscribers and random blog creepers, I know, I know...you've been waiting by your computers for my next installment.  Life got in the way. Here are a few cool things we've done. (Sorry to the majority of my family who didn't get into this blog.  I'll get you next time ( as soon as I can locate your pics))
John getting in touch with his Davenport roots.
WWII Memorial!
Congress building, DC - Rosa Parks
Goes w/o saying
Same city, also goes w/o saying
Nauvoo - 1st Relief Society gathering spot

New daugher (in-law) and grandson
Michael saying hello to CA after 2 years

Glad he's home safe
What happens when the grandkids get the phone on a car trip 

 The Champ!
 Lindsey's reception
 Holiday games

 Chillin' with the dawg

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