Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year

We had all the family home this year for Christmas.  It was great fun, and it may not happen again for years as our children settle who knows where.   However, three days after Christmas, I came down with my annual horrible-sounding cough.  I try to plan being ill NOT during vacation when everyone is around, but it didn't work out this year.   With Dane going to Army Basic Training and Officer Candidate School and Mark, Jasmine, and Lindsey headed back to BYU, I decided not to contaminate my kids by holing up in my bedroom for a couple of days until the drugs kicked in.   When New Years rolled around, John and I thought we'd be abandoned at home since we would  have to transport Julianne to her party and Mike would be working at Sonic.  John and I had actually planned to go to bed early, party poopers that we are.  At the last minute the Powers that Be decided to move the party from Sacramento to up here, which was a nice surprise.  

Dane and Lindsey helped with the food while I sat back and watched.  Nice to know they're learning a few things at college.  

Mike made it home from work just in time to celebrate the new year with us.

Per tradition, when the magic moment arrived, we banged our pans outside.  

This year,  Mike opted to sport his luchador mask topped off with my favorite metal mixing bowl while still wearing his working clothes - smelling strongly of all things deep fried.  (I think he has aspirations, maybe Nacho Libre???)  

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