Monday, January 4, 2010

Conference Scones

Twice a year in October and April, we stay at home for the weekend and watch our church's semi-annual general conference, which is broadcast from Salt Lake City.  These are my favorite weekends of the year!  Some families dress up as if they are going to church, but we, slackers that we are, stay in our jammies and cozy under blankets in front of the TV.  Since the kids were small, we've had a tradition: on Saturday, I wake up earlier than anyone in the house and pick up some doughnuts from the bakery around the corner; on Sunday, we make scones together - an homage to my husband's home state, Utah.

  I'm not really sure if scones are a traditional Utah food, but when my parents converted to the church, we were shortly introduced to these awesome little pillows of happiness :-) from friends raised in Utah.   I've had them with powdered sugar or honey butter.  
I generally use a simple yeast roll or bread recipe that does not incorporate too much oil or butter, since they are deep fried.   I find that they tend to be lighter if the recipe has eggs in it, too.  For the yeast, I always use rapid-rise yeast since it is a lot more forgiving of temperature variations, and it seems to rise  - well rapidly.  I prepare the recipe, let rise in a warmed oven (with the heat turned off!) until doubled, and roll out to 1/4 " thickness.  I then cut squares, triangles, whatever, and fry @ about 360 degrees until slightly browned and turn over, cook until done, and drain on paper towels.  CAUTION: WITH THE HOT OIL AND ALL, THIS IS NOT AN ACTIVITY FOR THE VERY YOUNG!!!!!!!!

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  1. They are always super yummy and one of my favorite traditions.