Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Rain-free Day

When we tell people from elsewhere that we are from California, they automatically picture us living in either sunny Los Angeles or beautiful San Francisco. We live in Northern California, a more rural, less crowded, and inclimate area. While it only snows on the mountains in the winter here, it can be very wet and foggy for weeks at a time. This years the yucky weather seems to have gone on for months. Monday, President's Day, we woke up to a bright and sunny day. Not wanting to waste the day doing badly needed chores around the house, we ditched the house and went out to Colusa, a town about 20 minutes from Yuba City.
First we visited the wildlife refuge hoping to spot some, well, wildlife, and we did. However, I'm not that great with my camara yet, so I got mostly scenery pictures. I wish I would have taken a shot of a couple of guys with hugely long lenses on their camaras who sure looked professional, comparing notes with each other.
Well, enjoy or mock or whatever..... I'm still figuring out some things with the computer.

You can just make out some ducks and geese in the background :-)

As the afternoon wore on, we stopped at the Sacramento River for a rest. We saw a deer on the other side, but I was just not fast enough with the camera.

...And of course we got hungry, so we stopped for some soup and sandwiches. This place was great, but one problem - I forgot the name of it. Well, someday when you're driving around Colusa, which is lovely with its old Victorian homes, look for this place. It is great!

Finally (don't ask me why this is in purple either. I did nothing. The computer has a mind of its own), no visit to Colusa is complete without a trip to the Colusa Theatre. Although the movie was a so-so chick flick, and John, yet again, was the only manly man in the place, in my humble opinion, the threatre is the best in Northern California. It made an okay flick almost good.
(Back to black. Hum...) When we got home, some of Julanne's friends gave her a "Heart Attack" all over the lawn and her (already messy) bedroom. Sorry the photo doesn't do justice. They did a great job and made a GIANT heart-shaped cookie, too. Thanks guys!

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