Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip Across Georgia

After Dane's graduation, we drove from Columbus, GA to Savannah, GA, visiting historical points of interest along the way. Our first stop was beautiful St. Simons Island just south of Savannah. James Oglethorpe founded the colony of Georgia at Fort Frederica. Best thing about being married to a history teacher: personal tours!

The weather was just what we expected - humid and hot. Spanish Moss grows everywhere, except, mysteriously, one little area in Savannah (more on that later).

James Oglethorpe was an early social reformer. He came up with the idea of offering folks in Debtors' Prison a second chance to make it in Georgia. While Georgia is beautiful, it is HOT, and we found ourselves wondering if the early colonists planned to stay, or did they hope to pay off their debts and return to the more temperate English climate.

All that is left of the original fort...

View of the swampy area - and the gators - from the fort
Capt. Sawyer, here sporting the wooden shoe he wore while recovering from earlier foot surgery, examined the early field artillery .

Pretty garden area

Early bee hive.

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