Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Sewing Projects

The sewing machine has been smokin' the past couple of weeks. These are some of the projects I worked on this summer-
Scariest Project: new drapes for the living room. Why? A lot of $$ and time invested, tricky measurements, kept thinking what if they look horrid. I was worried about the color gray, but one of my design favorite blogs featured gray drapes which looked fantastic. Whew! Looks easy, but it wasn't!
Most Simple: new sheers for the bedroom windows, really easy peasy. The fabric was on sale, too.
Most fun: Julianne's handcart pioneer outfit. Had to use patterns from three different sources. Lots and lots of fabric in the skirt. Fun details.

Most Satisfying: Baby Grace's blanket. It's always fun to sew for the newest member of the family. Used an old sheet I found year ago when we were clearing out an elderly relative's house - truly vintage. I knew it would be popular again someday!
Baby Grace smiling at 6 weeks!
I have 2 weeks and another trip before the start of the new school year, and I want to finish another skirt for Jules. Will I make it?

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  1. is the scary face by julie about another trip or a new skirt, just kidding all looks cute