Thursday, July 23, 2009

Julianne's Sweet Sixteen

For Julianne's Sweet - and she is sweet - Sixteenth, we asked a few of Julie's friends to pile into the car for an overnighter in Santa Cruz.  (Julie is wearing the orange shorts) We all had tons of fun on the boardwalk Tuesday night, well, except for the last ride when Julie, Sarah, and Ivy got REALLY motion sick.  Smart Megan knew better and opted not to eat until the day was over.  I was even smarter; I only did the Ferris wheel and the sky ride.  Actually, I wasn't smart enough to remember sun screen Wednesday, when we went back to the beach.    

This is the new friend I picked up when I had to get change for the parking lot.  

I promised to show you the project I worked on while John and Julianne were at camp.  I made a couple of curtain toppers to add a little color to the kitchen/dining room.  It was super easy to do, too.  My daughter, Kristin, made the plaque above in Relief Society for me a little while ago.  


  1. What a cool mom to take your teenage daughter and some of her friends to Santa Cruz. Actually, I still remember a trip you took me along on. I think it was in San Francisco and your brakes weren't really working so you taught us how to use the emergency brake when you had to stop at the top of a hill.

    Send me your email address and I'll send you back an invite to my blog.

  2. Thanks, Amy! Wow, I forgot about brake problems. Yikes. We're Can't wait to read your blog.

  3. Candy, I am SO GLAD you have a blog... I love blogging.. I have about 10 I follow when I have time... send me your email address... I'll tell you about Obama's (smashing success) speech.... mine is