Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Are Establishment Republicans Turning Against Fox? -

This past week, I had a friend give me the rundown on all things evil in our government, recounting specific undocumented and unsupported accusation against our current administration. I really, REALLY try to stay impartial - keep my mouth shut - as I have friends and family, who I greatly respect, from differing political parties. The troubling thing for me about this whole conversation was that she gets her information from one commentator featured on Fox Network. I was equally alarmed last year to hear from one of my brightest high school students that Fox News is the ONLY news her family ever watches. I've included the following article for consideration as it states a problem which should concern everyone who cares about the trend in reporting/commentating the news. I believe it is best to get news and current events from several sources and weigh each according to cited evidence and references. I am wary of bias and, well,... sponsoring interests. Fox News makes the Big Bucks by doing just what it does, and we should all be wary of its contents! Are Establishment Republicans Turning Against Fox? -

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