Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day Trips in Northern California

Spring is the best time to visit Table (Top) Mountain, just outside of Oroville, CA. Beginning with my Great-Granddad England, my grandchildren will make the sixth generation of visitors from our family. From the valley, the mountains look like they have been sheared off. When we were little, my mom said that Paul Bunyon ate there, and I believed her!

The name: I grew up calling it "Table Top Mountain, " but I've lately heard it called just plane "Table Mountain" - a crime to the memory of Paul Bunyon!
We go for the wild flowers, the superb kite flying, and the spectacular view of the valley.

Technically, the field is owned by a rancher (so shush!), and another area, just down the road, is set aside for picnickers. However, the view is not that great, the wind isn't as strong, and there are a whole lot more people, with weddings and such, at the other place.

We, like countless of others, break the law and sneak through the fence, but we always tidy up after ourselves.

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