Sunday, July 18, 2010

Seattle and a Korean Dinner

A couple of weeks ago, we drove to Seattle to say goodbye to my son and his wife, who went to Korea. We also had a good visit with my sister's family while they came along with us as we did the tourist thing.

View of Shasta on our way out of California.

Interesting place - Infernos Brick Oven Pizza under Lord's Gym - outside of Olympia.

Bremerton feed the seagulls.

Nice day for a sail (my favorite thing to do!!!!). You almost don't need a boat.

No, not our yatch :-)
Seattle from the Puget Sound
Mark and Jasmine, along with the rest of us, 13 in all.

Took the bus to get to Pike Place Market.

Love fish!
No, they weren't throwing fish. You have to actually buy the fish first, and, as we were invited to a traditional Korean dinner made by my nephew, Jonathan, and his wife, Jennifer, I had to forgo the fish.

Just so you know, I love, love Korean food. Over the past few years, I've had some, but not enough. I even like kimchi!
Wish I could remember the Korean words, but this is fried pork belly, something like unsalted bacon, cooking on a convex-shaped frying pan.

Rice cooked with small, red beans.

Put it all together like a taco, but on lettuce...
spiced up with soybean dipping paste and sesame oil....
Yum, yum! Thanks Jonathan and Jennifer!

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  1. Wow... what a great trip.. loved your pictures...Actually, I like the one of Mt. Shasta best.... I grew up in sight of that mountain... and skied there..... my daughter is always taking pictures of her food, too.... humm strange...